About me

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My Life

From a very early age I have always been passionate about the welfare of animals. Growing up as a child I was always surrounded by pets, my first being a budgie called Peter when I was 5 years old. 

Then, over the years growing up into a teenager, I had 4 guinea pigs, 2 mice, 2 cats and even a python! Through the mutual love with these pets I learnt the very strong bond between man and animal, and knew I always wanted animals in my life. As I became an adult I had my first dog, a German Shepherd, which was closely followed by a Collie.

In 2001 I fell in love with my lifelong companion, a Tibetan Terrier called Moet. From an early age he had sight problems which resulted in him having an eye removed. Three years later he became blind and had the other eye removed. This was a decision we do not regret at all, as he managed perfectly well being blind and had a very happy and fulfilled life. 

In the last couple of years of his life he developed stomach cancer and although we gave him every medication possible it was only delaying the inevitable and in January 2015 we knew it was time to say goodbye. During his life and throughout all his ill health, Moet gave us unconditional love and adored us as we did him. From that moment I knew I wanted to set up a business  looking after animals as I feel no life is complete without an animal companion and I love animals so why not do it for a living and get paid for something that’s so rewarding. 

Our pets can’t speak to us and ask for help so we need to read the signs and give them all the love and attention they need. 

I currently own a mini lop rabbit called Latte who loves to eat toilet rolls filled with herbs and flowers and run around the garden and a labrador called Kenzo who just loves to cuddle on the sofa.